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The Key Peninsula Little League (KPLL) minors team, the Benchwarmers, finished a perfect season by winning their Division 2 championship game against South Kitsap Western June 11 in Olalla. They won after tagging out the tying run between third... Read More
Key Peninsula Fire District 16 will ask voters to approve renewal of a four-year Maintenance and... Read More

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  • Street Address Changes Coming to Key Peninsula and Neighboring Islands
    Written by
    Street Address Changes Coming to Key Peninsula and Neighboring Islands Key Peninsula News has confirmed sweeping address changes are in the works for the entire Key Peninsula, Anderson Island and Fox Island communities to comply with the national standard required for the Next Generation 911 (NG911) emergency response system.
  • Tiedman Neighborhood Launches Crime Watch
    Written by
    Tiedman Neighborhood Launches Crime Watch After being the victim of a series of car prowls, Kristen Granroth decided she’d had enough. She formed the Tiedman Road KP Neighborhood Watch Group on Facebook and started planning a strategy to deter crime.
  • Geoduck Farming up Again at KPAC
    Written by
    Geoduck Farming up Again at KPAC It has been nearly two years since geoduck farming was addressed by the Key Peninsula Land Use Advisory Commission (KPAC), but at the May meeting, the group was asked to weigh in on a new permit request for farms on the west side of the Key Peninsula. Three property owners want to lease their land to Taylor Shellfish Farms on 4 acres of intertidal land north of Dutcher's Cove and…
  • Two Arrested After Peninsula Shooting
    Written by
    Two local men, ages 23 and 19, were arrested in the early hours of May 18 after police received numerous reports of shots fired from a car driving south on the Key Peninsula Highway from Purdy to Penrose State Park, where they are suspected of shooting a dog.
  • Countywide Earthquake Drill Stresses Self-Reliance
    Written by
    Countywide Earthquake Drill Stresses Self-Reliance In early June, Key Peninsula Fire District 16 participated in the first-of-its-kind Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Cascadia Rising 2016 Catastrophic Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Exercise. The regional exercises simulated a disaster scenario of a 9.0-magnitude earthquake lasting four minutes. The huge, multiagency drill was created by FEMA to assess and develop strategies for responding to a massive earthquake along the 800-mile long Cascadia Subduction Zone.
  • Geoduck Aquaculture: A Brief Review
    Written by
    There are 65 miles of waterfront on the Key Peninsula. Less than 2 miles are currently farmed. Statewide, about 60 percent of tideland is privately owned. Those who own tideland can apply for geoduck farming permits. The permit approval process requires multiple levels of review and takes two to five years, including appeals.