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One hot day in June, Eruption Drum and Bugle Corps gave a fabulous performance at Peninsula High... Read More
On Aug. 4 at about 3 p.m., some 30 law enforcement vehicles responded to a report of “shots... Read More
At, 17, Lakebay resident Cadence Michel knows what she wants to do. Actually, she’s known since... Read More
Having a baby is a life-changing event. For new parents, there are so many questions and... Read More
Sarah Jones thinks moms on the Peninsula need more opportunities to relax and feel supported. So... Read More

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Longtime Home resident Mary Hammeley has an...
Longtime Home resident Mary Hammeley has an unusual business. She creates, repairs and... Read More
Groups provides summer lunches for children in...
Summertime is special to kids. It can be that magic time to sleep in, to visit and play with... Read More




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